Ready to list your home? Here are some tips to prepare for home viewings.

Now that you are ready to list your home, it’s time to prepare for viewings. These tips will help your home make a great first impression.

  • Check the temperature. Buyers should find your home comfortable in any season. Turn up the heat or crank the air conditioning as needed. 
  • Open curtains and raise blinds to let in as much natural light as possible. Turn on all overhead lights and lamps.
  • If the weather permits, open windows to let in fresh air.  

  • Make beds, wash and put away any dishes, clean the sink, close toilet seat covers, take out the trash. 
  • Be prepared for last minute showings. Keep an empty tote or laundry basket handy. This makes tidying up a breeze. Pack it and take it with it. This works well for kids or pet toys too!

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 Deciding which renovations to complete before selling your home.

When selling your home there may be renovations or upgrades that'll help your home sell faster or for a higher price. When deciding on which renovations to do, here are a few things to consider: 

  • Demographics: who is the.most likely buyer of your home. Upgrades should be targetted to this key audience. 
  • What are the market conditions?  How sales are performing in your local area will factor in your decision.
  • Do you have a set timeline or a limited budget. These will influence the amount of renovations you should consider. 
  • There are many upgrades that a buyer would like. Focus on what they'll actually pay for and don't over-renovate. Think functional and updated rather than luxurious and breath taking. A real estate agent can guide you. 

Deep Cleaning Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Even the most cared for home requires a deep cleaning to prepare it for sale. Here are some tips to give your home a deep clean. 

  • Kitchen and baths should sparkle
  • Appliances should be wiped inside and out 
  • Showers, sinks and toilets should be scrubbed and any mold or mildew removed
  • Wipe areas prone to finger prints like light switches and around door handles
  • And remember to clean these often forgotten areas, light fixtures, bathroom and ceiling fans, vents and thresholds
  • Fabrics can hold smells. Wash bedding and curtains and have carpets steam cleaned.
  • You may not notice your pet's odours but buyers will. Wash pet bedding and keep litter boxes clean. 
The best smell is clean. Don't try to mask odours with heavy scents, sprays or plug-ins. A home that looks and smells clean will make a positive first impression and can take your home from selling to SOLD. 


Easy Staging Tips for Every Seller in Any Market

Home staging is a great way to prepare your home to sell so it appeals to the most potential buyers who will pay the highest possible price. Here are some easy staging tips for every seller in any market:

  • Each room should have a clearly defined purpose. 
  • Storage space is a must have for today's buyers. 
  • Empty closets and cupboards so that they are half-full.
  • Remove oversized or unnecessary furniture to create open, walkable spaces.
  • Accessories like cushions, throw pillows, curtains and artwork should be current. This can help make older homes feel newer. 
  • Add lamps where needed and use the brightest bulbs permitted in light fixtures. 
  • Primary bedrooms need to appeal to everyone. Keep this space neutral.
  • When selling your home, you want to highlight it's best features. Optimize the space and create an environment that buyers will want to linger in. 

Staging can help achieve this and can take your home from selling to SOLD. 


Simple ideas for boosting your homes curb appeal
If you’re planning on selling. It’s important to look at your home from the buyer’s perspective. And that, starts at the curb.

Here are simple ideas for boosting your homes curb appeal.

  • Potted plants, seasonal wreaths and decor are quick, inexpensive ways to add colour and interest.
  • If your front door needs refreshing, consider painting it a bold colour. 
  • And updating the hardware adds instant appeal.
  • Trim overgrown trees and shrubs, walk ways to the entrance should be clear and well lit.
  • Finally, one of the easiest ways to boost corn appeal is by updating your house numbers. Buyers are looking for these, make your home easy to find.

Enhancing your curb appeal can help take your home from selling to sold.


Cost effective renovations to boost your home's appeal

Home renovations can help sell your home quickly and for a higher value. Here are some cost effective renovations to boost your home’s appeal.

1. Cabinetry hardware is an easy way to update kitchens or baths.

2. Replacing faucets and light fixtures with modern styles can add instant appeal.

3. Update flooring and new countertops can be well worth the investment.

4. And one of the most cost effective renovations that almost every seller should consider is painting! Painting transforms a home. It can make small rooms feel larger and it helps to depersonalize your space. Pick the right colour, neutrals are best. Prep before you paint and if not your strong suit, hire a professional.

The secret to successful upgrades is to not make selections for you, make choices with the buyer in mind. 
This can help take your home from selling to sold.


Decluttering Your Home: How to Make it Easier

When selling your home, decluttering is an essential first step that is well worth your effort. Here are a few tips and ideas to help make decluttering easier.

  • Have basket bins and boxes ready for items that can be donated, sold or packed away until needed.
  • Closets, shelving and cabinets should be partially emptied and organized.
  • Entry ways should be inviting. Tuck away shoes and remove any clutter like mail and keys.
  • Depersonalize, pack away family photos, this can be very distracting to buyers. 
  • One of the biggest reasons people move is a lack of space. Minimizing your things to maximize your space will take you from selling to SOLD.  

We'll take your home from selling to SOLD!

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While some homes sparked bidding wars and were sold in days, others sat on the market. If you are planning on selling you are likely wondering, “What made the difference?” There are many factors that contribute to a successful home sale. Stay tuned to Selling to Sold for tips and ideas to help you prepare your home to appeal to today’s buyers. 

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